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Hayden Collier -Laramie County Community College

Hayden is currently heading into his Sophomore year at Laramie County Community College. Hayden attended Rangiora High School from 2012-2016. Before he left he trained with the Eagles Academy here based in Christchurch and trained with the Canterbury Rams. He is completing a social science degree currently at Laramie.

He wants to continue to work hard and aspires to follow fellow Mainland Eagles and Laramie alumni Harrison Meads and his pathway and find a 4 year school at the end of the year to complete his Junior and Senior year in the US.

Hayden has stayed in the US over the summer choosing not to come back home and to work on his game getting in the weights room and shooting.

When asked what the biggest challenges were with moving over to college Hayden said “ My biggest adjustment was learning to be more independent. You don’t have someone doing your laundry or waking you up for class. Its on you to be organised. In terms of basketball it’s a lot faster, physical and the players are bigger and athletic so fitting into that different style was the other adjustment.”

Now that he has had a taste and one year under his belt Hayden is extremely excited about this season.

Hayden’s old high School at Rangiora Liam Connelly is proud of Hayden and the efforts he has put in so far. “We are really proud of what Hayden is achieving over there. He has come a really long way over the past few years and we are excited to continue tracking his progress and seeing what he can achieve,”

We are looking forward to following Hayden and his team this season.

We will bring regular updates during the season off all the Eagles alumni in the states and how their teams are doing.

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